Volcano Subdivisions

Let’s start up near Volcano and work our way down the highway to Kea’au.

But first a few words on Volcano Village. Volcano Village is a pretty magical place, where its cooler, wetter and very beautiful. There’s a number of successful bed and breakfast establishments there and a thriving artist community. I sometimes joke that you can’t spit in Volcano Village without hitting an artist (of course, its very rude to spit on artists so don’t try this yourself). Its the kind of place where a lot of people have fireplaces and wood-burning stoves. Don’t get me wrong, its still Hawaii, but a different sort of Hawaii from the beachy, always-sunny, hot Hawaii most people think of.

Mauna Loa Estates — the lot in this subdivision are mostly 20,000 square feet, which is just a little bit under 1/2 acre. There’s a number of B&Bs here. It shares a lot of the characteristics of the town of Volcano Village, and its a pretty desirable subdivision.

Aloha Estates
 — the lots are smaller here, running in size from about 12,000 square feet to 15,000 square feet. Its not a very developed subdivision yet.

Fern Forest — similar to Aloha Estates in that its not very developed yet, but the lots are 3 acres. They are long, skinny lots though (what we call spaghetti lots) with most of them being about 125 feet wide on the road and over 1,000 feet long. There are some square lots though, but those are definitely in the minority.

Eden Roc
 (technically known as “Hawaii’s Eden Roc Estates”, but everyone just calls it Eden Rock) — another “subdivision in the rough”. Some good roads, some bad ones. These are mostly one acre lots though.

Fern Acres — Two acre lots in here, but again, they are spaghetti lots (100 feet by about 870), so the really popular thing is to get 2 or 3 side by side. Fern Acres is really working on getting all of its roads paved and the Community Association is very active. I’m a fan of Fern Acres (I used to live there).

Hawaiian Acres — mostly 3 acre lots (more spaghetti — 150 feet by about 870), but there’s the occasional one to two acre parcels in there. There’s also some little 9,300 square foot lots in there, which I find just odd. Hawaiian Acres has a few good roads and a few really bad ones (rough on your car), so its definitely a place where you have to drive in to see if the place you like has good roads or not.